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Founded in Phoenix, AZ, AVIKSOFT LLC has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise software applications. AVIKSOFT LLC is a software products and professional services company, continuously developing innovative technology solutions for its customers. The company’s integrated products span research administration, compliance from funding to trials. AVIKSOFT strives to be a valuable partner by offering ready-to-use software products and comprehensive professional services in cutting-edge technologies, backed by years of experience.

AVIKSOFT offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services with a distinct focus on providing web application development, product engineering services, enterprise integration solutions and mobile-based custom applications.

At AVIKSOFT, we realize that, choosing a right strategic associate in this competitive marketplace, who can value your ROI, is critical. With more than a decade of collective ingenious approach and technical proficiency, equipped with a wealth of knowledge & expertise, strengthened core support and values, we can foster any business concept into a world-class IT solution.

We have demonstrated expertise on multiple technologies such as Microsoft, Sun, IBM, PHP, Oracle as well as Mobile platforms. Apart from technologies, we are also proficient in Data processing, Prepress and Backend Processing. With this wide array of skills & expertise, we are a comprehensive IT service provider who can offer technically & commercially viable solutions to address all your IT needs.

As we execute the core development of all projects through our facilities in India, working with us allows radically cutting the expenses on development while achieving excellence.

We Innovate, You Win

Our focus is to scope your power on cloud nine so that you get an excellent view of success from the top of the world. We are passionate and involved in bringing you the best solutions with all our tactics and knowledge. After all, we are big believers in delivering scalable, secure and data-driven solutions

Our Values

We as a team believe that value always lies in the hands of our dedicated work practices and in the satisfaction of our Clients.

Our Mission

AVIKSOFT LLC always strives for the best and desired results by utilising the best skillset and continuous process and progress improvements. AVIKSOFT LLC has one singular mission - “ Serving our clients is the responsibility and satisfying them is our ultimate Objective ”.

Our Vision

“Adapting ever-changing technology ”
“ Maintaining High Quality Standards ”
“ Keeping our Client’s businesses updated 24*7 around the globe ”