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Data Migration and System Redesign

While system redesign is vital to keep your systems aligned with the latest design and implementation practices, redesigning is not always hassle-free. It comes with its own share of complexities around managing data, migrating records, adding new processes and modules and a whole new set of challenges. Managing data migration and redesign should best be left to the experts who are skilled, and experienced in doing this over and again on various platforms and across functions

Our Data Migration and System Redesign team knows how to handle sensitive and valuable data effectively and how to fit it into the redesigned system with ease.

How do we migrate data?

Once the decision is made to perform data migration and before migration can begin our team analyze the following steps:

  • Analyze and define source structure (structure of data in the legacy system)
  • Analyze and define target structure (structure of data in the new system)
  • Perform field mapping (mapping between the source and target structure with data cleansing, if necessary)
  • Define the migration process (automated vs. manual)